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What is a corn or callus?

Calluses are areas of thickened skin found in areas under a lot of pressure and friction. It is our body’s way of protecting ourselves from damage to underlying structures. The most common place for callus to build up is around the back of your heels.  If untreated, the callus begins to crack & can cause pain. It can also start to look unsightly.

Corns start out as small areas of callus but become harder, and more concentrated lesions. They tend to grow deeper into the skin, rather than staying quite superficial like calluses. This can be very painful especially if the corn develops in between the toes.

Both Corns & Callus can be caused by wearing shoes/sandals that are too tight or too loose, or by not wearing shoes at all.  If your foot shape doesn't match the shoe shape then something has to give - and it's usually your feet that suffer at the end of the day.

Podiatrists treat these skin issues on a daily basis. 

We remove the calluses and corns using sterilised instruments and help prevent them from reoccurring in accordance with the Infection Control Guidelines, published by the Australian Podiatry Council.

Using over the counter remedies from the pharmacy can cause more pain if the skin reacts badly to these products, and may not treat the root cause of the callus or corn, therefore making it more likely to return.  

We usually recommend using creams/balms with 20-25% urea on the area in the days immediately after a podiatry visit. Urea based creams can be used for both callus and corm treatment.

If your skin does not appear to be responding to simple moisturising, we recommend making an appointment to see a podiatrist.

But do you have a corn or is it a wart?