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Orthotic Therapy

We make orthotic devices that are 
fully customised and designed just for your feet.

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics (or more correctly, Orthoses/Orthotic Devices) are shoe inserts that are contoured to the shape of your arch and foot in order to make a correction to the way you stand, walk and run.  Just like your car's wheel alignment, foot joints need to be aligned correctly in order to minimise the damage to other parts of the body. Poor alignment in the feet, ankles and knees can greatly increase the stresses and strains placed on other bones, joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.  A correctly designed orthotic device can make a huge impact on your mobility and performance. We use orthotic devices in every day practice to treat painful foot conditions with great success. At Happifeet, we pride ourselves on the ability to personalise an orthoses to each individual patient - as no 2 feet are the same so why should your orthotic devices be one size fits all!

There are so many combinations of orthotic designs available and we use our expert knowledge and experience to decide on the best possible device to suit your needs. We always involve our patients in the decision making process. We explain the materials used and provide you with an upfront quote for your devices.  We believe that both podiatrist and patient must be happy in order to maximise the benefit of the orthoses.

Our paediatric patients love choosing the colour of their orthotic devices.
We have nicknamed some of our colours as: 
Bumble Bee (yellow & black), Bubble Gum (Pink & Blue) & the Queenslander (Maroon).

Have trouble finding shoe to fit your orthotics?
No worries. We stock a range of Revere Shoes and Sandals and our exclusive custom fitted Dr. Comfort shoes, where each shoe comes in 3 different widths.

We have a comfort guarantee on our orthotic devices.

We make sure that the device is comfortable enough to wear all day after a short wearing in period of 2-6 weeks. 

We do not charge for minor adjustments to the device to fine tune the fitting of the device to your feet. Often you do not know if the orthotics will need adjusting until you have worn them for a few weeks. We allow you to get use to them and if they are rubbing or pressing into your feet making them uncomfortable, we will adjust it for you at no charge. 

Sometimes new additions need to be added just to make the devices a perfect fit, in which case we do charge for these additions but adjustments are still at no charge. 

We feel that there is no point getting an orthotic device if you are unable to wear them. If you would like more information, please send us an email or call us directly on (07) 3818 6300.