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Happifeet Podiatry

We care for your feet


The Happifeet Team work together to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our patients.  
We care for your feet and help safeguard them for any future problems.  
We pride ourselves on our thorough assessments and proactive treatment plans.

Happifeet Podiatry can help you with.....

Sore Feet, Heels, Ankles or Legs

Does pain stop you from doing what you love?
It doesn't have to be that way.
We specialise in pain relief and can help you get back to being happy, healthy and active again.
Podiatry Endorsed Footwear for Kids & Adults

If you have trouble finding comfortable and supportive footwear we can help. We stock comfortable, fashionable and supportive shoes for the whole family. We stock custom fitted shoes for tricky feet that are also suitable for people with Diabetes. Having the correctly fitted shoes for children from a young age protects them from issues in the future. 
We treat painful ingrown toenails

No one can fully understand the pain experienced from an ingrown toenail like a podiatrist. We remove the offending piece of nail and help restore normal nail growth. If needed, we can perform nail surgery under a local anaesthetic.
Also known as Orthotic Devices

Our podiatrists are university trained professionals specialising in the design and manufacturing of custom made arch supports for your feet. Our orthotic devices help restore normal function back to your feet and provide long term support during exercise and everyday activities. In children, we have used orthotics to realign their foot & ankle to allow normal muscle and joint development.
Problem Nails & Dry Skin

Our podiatrists are professionals in the removal of thick dry skin (callus, corns) and the trimming of difficult to cut nails. We can also treat plantar warts on your feet for you.

If your back issues make it impossible to care for your skin and nails - We Can Help!

Diabetic Footcare

Footchecks & Footcare for those with Diabetes

If you have Diabetes, we can assess your risk of foot complications including your risk of amputation. 

We can provide Diabetic Friendly Footwear & Socks.

We offer preventative advice and treatment plans to help keep you on your feet!

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