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Shoe Shop

Skobi, Keen, Scholl, Dr. Comfort, Revere

Podiatrist approved School Shoes

Supportive, Comfortable & Fashionable 

There are many shoes on the market but the key is finding the one that fits your feet and protects them from pain, injury and discomfort. We only stock podiatry approved shoes suitable for pre-walkers to difficult to fit wide feet.

Skin & Nail Care

Podiatry endorsed products

Foot care items that have been carefully selected by our podiatrists to help you maintain healthy looking feet.

Socks & Compression Stockings

Dr. Comfort Socks & custom fitted compression stockings

Our Dr. Comfort Socks are the most comfortable pair of socks you'll ever wear! The charcoal and bamboo fibres in the socks help control foot odour as well. The Dr. Comfort range of compression stockings is extensive and are carefully measured and fitted by our Happifeet team.

Gel Cushions

Durable protection for your feet

We sell a range of gel products to make your feet more comfortable in your shoes. We only stock products that are designed to protect your feet but are also have anti-microbial properties.


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