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The Callusan Range

A revolutionary invention in foot care. The benefits of cream but in the form of a mousse!

Callusan EXTRA 

Contains 10% Urea which ensures plenty of moisture is being supplied to the skin, with stearic acid giving extra protection. Glycerine and Squalane leave the skin soft and supple. 

It is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), thus ensuring that the natural skin functions are not impaired. Free of fragrances and dermatologically tested.

Callusan EXTRA is particularly recommended for diabetic foot care

Callusan HYDRO 

For healthy skin maintence (suitable for people with diabetes).

A beneficial moisturising cream mousse offering both protection and nourishment for dry skin. 

Containing 5% urea, Callusan HYDRO traps moisture, delivering it deep into the skin.  Stearic acid protects the skin from environmental exposure and ensures balanced rehydration. Free of fragrances and dermatologically tested. 

Suitable for general skin care and diabetic skin care.

Callusan FORTE

Intensive care for cracked and callused skin.

With a high dosage of Urea, Callusan FORTE softens extremely dry and hard skin. The rich formulation with avocado oil and shea butter thoroughly moisturises and gives the skin back its elasticity and suppleness. Dry and cumbersome skin areas quickly feel pleasant and soft once again. 

Callusan FORTE can also be used as nail care: it makes cuticles elastic and cares for brittle and unsightly nails. Callusan FORTE is dermatologically tested and also suitable for diabetics. It does not contain any fragrances or preservatives.